Subject: File No. 4-725
From: Brian Kellner
Affiliation: Service Industry

November 13, 2018

Dear SEC Commissioners,

My name is Brian Kellner and I work in a restaurant in Asheville, NC. I am a millennial strong environmentalist. I play music, hike, generally dont have a lot of money to invest.

A few months ago, I opened a small discount brokerage account and try to invest my spare money for my future in safe mutual funds. As an environmentalist, I am invested in environmentally friendly funds as I strongly believe this is an important way to invest for the future. In my other funds, I am appalled that my fund managers dont check how they vote their proxies and outsource the votes to a third party. This seems to me to be unfair as I trust them with my investment. I like environmentally friendly investing and choose to put some of my money there but even as a novice, I can see the burdens being placed on some of these companies as being contrary to helping my investments grow.

Please consider regulating these third-party proxy advisory entities and forcing my mutual fund companies to look out for my interests.


Asheville, NC