Subject: File No. 4-692
From: Martha J Escudero Acosta, 5347060

October 15, 2016

Accredited investors are persons with the intent to timely move and distribute funds for the purpose of wealth and profit. An accredited investor term shall not constitute solely to a person with experience and capital to make investments. Accreditation is given to an investor that shows its commitment to the public in an ethical and responsible manner, conducting with high standards of morale and showing satisfactory results involving the sources for investments and furthermore, strictly complying and following with all and every of their duties and the rules and regulations imposed by their government.
Please accredit more investors by allowing applications to any person with the intent to invest, this to be their own money or public money. The transparency of the processes and the allocation of funds should become available for inspection at any given moment and it shall be written in the statutes of the rules.
This is how I think it should be.
I want to become an accredited investor. I want to collect the money of the poor and invest it for the growth and wealth of all, and I should be given the opportunity.
Thank, you.