Subject: File No. 4-692
From: Charles A Gokas

July 7, 2017

Recently I discovered the web site YieldStreet which makes available to individuals the opportunity to invest in non traditional income generating assets only available to the very rich folk until now. Looking over the portfolios in each category returns on investment were all in the double digits and up to 20%. These investments though seemingly unconventional to the average joe , have been thoroughly
scrutinized by the professionals at Yieldstreet. The loans have been backed by solid collateral and structured to protect the investor. Like any investment there is a certain amount of risk of losing principal . Myself and most of my friends and colleagues understand this and have invested in traditional assets like stocks , bonds , cash . However the returns on these investments are poor in comparison to what is available. The catch is in order for us to participate in these high returns we have to meet some arbitrary income or asset level in order to invest.Does someone who inherited a million dollars from the family have more investment sense than someone who built a $700000 dollar portfolio on by his own investing
acumen? This makes no sense. WE are all capable of evaluating an investment and deciding if we want to invest. Please modify the Accredited investor requirement and lower or eliminate this rule altogether. It is un American. Most investments have a minimum amount anyway which would determine if one should invest or not. Thank you