Subject: File No. 4-645
From: ted rees, mr.
Affiliation: Professor of Ignorance, Retirement University of Hard Knocks

January 26, 2012

As an ignorant investor, my main question is if there is truth in investment. For example, If I put my money into an account at a major investment company, and they promise to put my money into several types of stock funds and bond funds, do they in fact put the money into the funds they say?
Or are they like a bookie, who says they will place the money on horse A, but in fact pocket the money, or put the money on horse B when they know from inside information that horse B is more likely to win.
I guess the banking collapse is an example of another type of deception, where the banks disquised bad investments as good investments.
Perhaps in translation, this means what can you put into your documents to cover truthfulness?