Subject: File No. 4-640
From: Suzanne Hamlet Shatto

November 6, 2011

the agenda just published does not describe the subject matter of each panel.

SEC Announces Agenda and Panelists for Inaugural Roundtable of Financial Reporting Series

it would be nice if someone fixed this asap.
these panelists must have some idea what they will be discussing.

i think it is too bad that they do not have someone who represents investors.  after all, our current financial problems, that the SEC hopes to address, was at least aided and abetted by the financial industry. while i do want to hear about what the industry has to say about this subject, i would also like to know that the industry is hearing what the investors think about 1) how we got here, and 2) if proposed solutions might address their problems.

if you invite a group that says they represent investors, they should be commenting on the proposed rules. they should be informing investors of proposed rules. they should be trying to get on news programs to inform investors of their organization.

suzanne hamlet shatto