Subject: File No. 4-639
From: Jason Canha

October 15, 2011

Hello my name is Jason and I am an SFIO investor. Recently our stock has been locked down, our PPS has plummeted and we have heard nothing from the SEC as to what or why this has happened. We are not allowed to buy any stock in SFIO, however there is STILL DAILY VOLUME!!?? Only selling is allowed, is this to allow the covering short positions? Why are those in the wrong being given this time to cover up their wrong doing? It seems to me to be very shady business practice to allow this to happen to innocent investors without at LEAST an explanation. I would like to know if this matter is being currently considered, or perhaps being "swept under the rug." How can the SEC allow this blatant manipulation to occur CONSTANTLY on the OTC market? Needless to say myself and many others are outraged and would like to know what is being done. Thank you.

~Jason Canha