Subject: File No. 4-639
From: kris leonard
Affiliation: Individual Investor stockholder

October 17, 2011


why wasn't former senator ted kaufman invited to this

why does knight securities hold a monopoly on the
poorly watched OTC?

why aren't equities electronically tagged so that
hard locates are done .. so this garbage of total
lack of transparency and accountability becomes a
thing of the past in 2011

when does the DTCC provide transparency .. vs
working for those very entities who give every
appearance of exploiting every loophole when
and if change is implemented by finra or the sec

how come there is zero consistency for TAs'?

let's have uniform consistency but not do what sarbox
did .. kill off the micros due to prohibitive costs
and generate loopholes for stock manipulation this
past decade

please wake up .. it's not just stock promoters

there are organized gangs of shorts who have hit pieces
authored to take down a co.s stock

what seems to elude is that money is being made by both
stocks being run and being taken down .. there are serial
shorters who are abusive .. who have gotten away with
utterly destroying legit micros for profit

lastly who is policing clearing firms like penson
which has been linked to financial terrorists
or knight securities .. or the DTCC .. or sec and finra

i'm sorry but in 2011 .. it's a disgraceful just how
useless this is ..

i applaud those who speak true