April 28, 2012

Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

Dear members of the Securities and Exchange Commission:

I am writing to urge the SEC to issue a rule requiring publicly traded corporations to publicly disclose all their political spending.

Both shareholders and the public must be fully informed as to how much the corporation spends on politics and which candidates are being promoted or attacked. Disclosures should be posted promptly on the SEC's web site.

If nothing else, investors deserve the right to know what policies/political agenda the corporations they hold stock in are supporting, so that they may make ethical decisions whether to continue holding stock in those corporations.

Furthermore, I might note that when I, as a flesh and blood person, make a contribution to a political campaign, THAT INFORMATION IS MADE PUBLIC. If you want to continue to insist corporations are flesh and blood people with the same rights...why should they not have the same responsibilities? why should they be allowed to operate in secret, no doubt doing things, and supporting things...that would, if known, cause bad PR? corporations should be answerable to both investors and consumers alike.

We flesh and blood people, as investors and consumers...have a right to decide to spend our money in an ethical manner...and that means NOT supporting corporations that promote policy inimical to our interests, ethics or beliefs.

Thank you for considering my comment.


Angela Bridgman