Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

April 28, 2012

Dear members of the Securities and Exchange Commission:

I am writing to urge the SEC to issue a rule requiring publicly traded corporations to publicly disclose all their political spending.

Both shareholders and the public must be fully informed as to how much the corporation spends on politics and which candidates are being promoted or attacked. Disclosures should be posted promptly on the SEC's web site.

Corporations cannot be allowed to hide their political spending. Additionally, ALL corporations need an immediate 50,000 dollar limit on their political contributions to a candidate, and there should be a ban on them creating secret groups or subsidiaries or using big money sugar-daddies through which they funnel additional money to any one campaign and a candidate.

To be clear, what we really need--and as soon as possible-- is to get all corporate money out of politics, to roll back Citizens United, end corporate personhood and institute public financing of elections.

Thank you for considering my comment.


Rita Rice