April 18, 2012

Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

I am deeply concerned about the influence of corporate money on our electoral process. I am concerned not only for myself but for those who are shareholders in the companies that are giving this money to the elections.

If a shareholder is putting money into a corporation for shares of that corporation's goods and service; I would think that the consumer putting in their hard earned money would want to know which candidate the corporation is giving the money to. I myself would want to know which candidate is getting money from my shares in the company. That person should know who is getting the money because that politician may not have views that the shareholer shares with that politician. Ever since citizens' united; the contributions became the fruit from the poisonous tree. I want to know who my money is going to and the views of the politician using my money.

I think it is right and a legal issue that people buying shares in a corporation be able to find out how their money is being invested; whether it is a politician, a new industry or investing in a foreign country where the environment is being threatened or destroyed. WE NEED TO OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED AND HAVE EVERYONE ON A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.
Mrs. Jennifer T. Schultz

Thank you for considering my comment.

Jennifer schultz