April 12, 2012

Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

I am writing to ask that the Securities and Exchange Commission promulgate a rule requiring publicly-held companies to publicly report their political expenditures.

Business, governmental and other institutions have let American investors down in recent years. As a result of corporate and governmental irresponsibility, trillions of dollars in wealth disappeared during the market's crash in 2008-2009. Our current and future economic well-being suffered, and public confidence in business, in the markets and in government understandably has plummeted.

Greater "sunshine" via improved corporate disclosure of political expenditures will help investors and voters to better understand activities which influence our economic interests. An SEC rule requiring publicly-held companies to disclose political expenditures also will help restore confidence in government's ability to serve important public interests.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kenneth A. Ruberg