April 10, 2012


To whome this may concern. Dear sir or madame, I am very concerned about publicly traded entities using corporate funds in the support of ANY political party, political initiative, or spending of any such nature without full disclosure to the public. It is our right to know how what is essentially our money is being spent. Much as corporations are required by law to release details of its financial dealings to the public that may hold any interest at all in said corporations financial health likewise donations to any political action whatever it may be must be disclosed in an easy to access and understand way. The public who have monies tied to investments in said entities have a right to be informed of these actions so they may make well and truly informed decisions as it regards their continued financial support and or dealings with these corporate entities. Please give full support to this type of disclosure for to do other than support this type of disclosure would be legally and ethically questionable. I hope to see quick and justified action as far as this is concerned in the very near future. I look forward to seeing action taken soon.

Thank you for your time, and I hope your day is pleasant,

Thomas M.D. Lee