Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

March 21, 2012

Dear Commissioners,

I find it difficult to express anything but the deepest disgust with the influence of corporate money on our electoral process, as well as for the regulatory commissions that are supposed to be the guarantors of that process.

I am disgusted, in particular, by the legal secrecy with which publicly traded coporations may spend investor funds on political campaigns and legislative activity. Thank you so much, Citizens United v. FEC.

I urge the Securities and Exchange Commission to issue a rule requiring publicly traded corporations to publicly disclose all their political spending.

It is a moral imperative that both the public and investors be fully informed as to how much and on which candidates and/or political initiatives such corporations spend. Disclosures should be posted promptly on the SEC web site, with live updates and weekly summaries of corporate campaign expenditures.

Thank you.

Victor Ialeggio

Randolph, VT