Comments on File No. 4-637

Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

February 9, 2012

Securities and Exchange Comm.

Dear Securities and Exchange Comm.,

I am tired of the nonsense, and deeply worried for my country that the terrible Citizen's United decision (what a joke that name is!!!) has allowed corporate bosses to decide our elections. It is time we as the REAL citizens of this country KNEW EXACTLY how much money these crooks and traitors are giving to taint our elections. This is NOT the way this country is to be run, per the Constitution, paid off judges on the Supreme Court or not, and the rest of us know that. Please, please, please act like patriots and give this country BACK to its CITIZENS by releasing the names and amounts of so-called "contributors" to political PACS under the table. This is outrageous and ought to labeled as treason because it is! Would we allow others to come into our country and steal our elections? Well, the Supreme Court (and I use that name QUITE loosely as they are far from Supreme representatives of our laws, for sure)has opened the doors to corruption within and foreign influence as well, and frankly, they ought to be jailed for treason along with every corporate leader who has given money to PACS. This IS treason any way you slice it. Are you going to sit by and allow our country to be turned into a baron's estate where we all have to buy our food from the company store and rent our homes from the corporation running this country - and at exhorbitant prices, of course? Does anyone remember coal miners in the early 1900s? Well, here we go again. I hope you will help to stop such atrocities. Thank you for standing up for all our forefathers have died for - and it sure wasn't to put our government in the hands of few wealthy barons. THAT's what our forefathers left in Europe and elsewhere. Never again. Please do your duty diligently, with patriotism and respect for the 99% in this country for whom probably someone close to you died for. They didn't die so Walmart and GE and the Kock Brothers could steal us blind and take over our government. Thank you.


Beverly J. Barrick