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The following Letter Type H, or variations thereof, was submitted by individuals or entities.

Letter Type H:

SEC Chairwoman Mary L. Schapiro,

The current method of private funding ofelections is degrading our democracy, giving excessive political power to unaccountable corporate interests and detracting from the time representatives should spend on issues ofconcern to voters.

Public Citizen is leading a coalition ofconcerned voters to restore power to the people by bringing transparency to political expenditures, restoring integrity to the funding ofcandidates and reducing the power of large corporations and giving it back to citizens.

That's why I'm calling on you to support Public Citizen's legislative agenda by endorsing the following federal legislation: The Fair Elections Now Act, the Shareholders Protection Act and the DISCLOSE Act. This legislation is critical to returning control of our democracy to voters.

I'm also calling on you to support our constitutional amendment campaign to overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United v. FEC decision. This decision has opened the floodgates to secretive, unaccountable campaign expenditures that are a mortal threat to our democracy.

Please support ourcampaign today.




Modified: 05/25/2012