Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

April 30, 2012

Dear members of the SEC:

You have a lot of power , you know, so why aren't you using it?

It seems that the CORPORATE people really do have more rights than I have. It is so strrange that I, could only donate , at the most $2500, and yet, those corporate people seem to do more than that amount.


I also have to sign off and make sure that the government knows that any donated money from me was all mine, and no comingling of funds... it seems. It doesn't seem that those corporate persons need to do this..... WHY?

We seem to be getting a lot like ancient remember this, you could be the power of Sol Invictus...or not,...... but WHY not?

Go for the gold...please!

Aquila non capit all that you COULD be SEC.... we're counting on you.************


gloriana casey