Subject: File No. 4-637

September 30, 2015

Securities and Exchange Commission

Dear Securities and Exchange Commission,

Our Founding Fathers believed in science.  They believed science would help our country progress, moving forward into a good future.  That's why they actually included making sure government helped science in the U.S. Constitution.

I am incredibly concerned about the terrible state in which this country finds itself, given the number of science deniers--the ignorant science deniers--and, of course, those who CLAIM they are, merely in order to receive HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY, dark money, from corporations as payment for continuing to lie about their lack of belief in climate change, their lack of belief in science in general, and for continuing to vote against any and all policies and legislation that has a chance of helping the rest of the world salvage any land, water, or air for humanity and other living beings.

I find those people to be horrors.  The truly ignorant are just incredible; the liars are horrors who are happy to kill everyone else for money.  And, wouldn't you know, they are some of THE VERY SAME PEOPLE WHO CLAIM TO "care about life."  Horrors AND hypocrites, oh my!

I am writing to urge you to return rule #4-637 to your agenda this year for swift enactment.

This rule, requiring public companies to disclose political spending and funding of trade and business associations, is essential to making our policy processes more transparent and holding corporations accountable for their political influence.

With no requirement for corporations to disclose political donations or funding of organizations, the public is left in the dark about how companies are using their money to hinder policies that are in the public interest.

This proposed rule has received more than one million comments of support--more than any other SEC rule. And 81 percent of Americans believe that corporations should only spend money on political campaigns if they disclose that spending publicly. Commissioners should not ignore this overwhelming public support and cave to pressure from business interest groups who want to continue to operate in secret.

Please enact rule #4-637.


Susan Lee