Subject: File No. 4-637

May 9, 2015

Choose your role in empowering or steamrolling US citizens and our democracy, in preserving and strengthening it in its original vision, or in being a power that destroys it and with it, the concept of freedom and justice.    As SEC Chair, you must decide.  And we, the voters, will decide if we will affirm your presence in government or petition President Obama to remove you from office. You are not keeping your pledge, to date, for starters.    Now is the time for you to reflect on your own record of "public service" or "panderer to money-power and virtual tyranny".  Secrecy is a weapon and shield for tyrants.

The SEC has a duty to protect investors and promote the public interest by issuing a rule requiring disclosure of political contributions by publicly traded companies.

Shareholders need to know whether their money is being used to run a business or to run election attack ads.

Please place a rule on the unified agenda by the end of May 2015 that will require disclosure of political spending, as laid out in file number 4-637.

Sr.Elizabeth Riebschlaeger, ccvi