Subject: File No. 4-637

May 9, 2015


Good morning Commissioner White:

Whereas America’s anodyne interests are best represented thru full disclosure as to hoe corporate activities are invested concerning this nation’s economy, the SEC’s duties commensurate to its charter to protect investors and promote the public interest is by issuing a rule requiring disclosure of political contributions by publicly traded companies.

Shareholders need to know how its corporate members use their profits to affect America’s elections.

Please place a rule on the unified agenda by the end of May 2015 that will require disclosure of political spending, as laid out in file number 4-637.


George Thompson, Sr., D.P.M.


Truth is a fruit of good, wrong, or both— From sweet or sorrows plenty, happy lac, of wit or ninny; It sorts its own from homely, fair or like; of old or youth, Weighing all: whether of gold or feather, full or skinny.

As friends, truth is wisdom’s chum
They seek honesty; shunning lie’s deceit With these two in harmony, brave is their drum That marches them to victory; evil to defeat.

Crooked masquerades as straight: flogging snakes as steaks, Flattery as a treat; a companion to the lonely, as vipers’ bite Blighted blankets against the cold, or stolen flour for cakes Laws thru bribes or judges’ winks too as Constitutions’ spite.

Truth’s say, if shared by parents with their young, thus it should be: Honesty’s purpose thrives where lies can’t steal or escheat what is wholesome and sell it for a fee. ©Copyright George Thompson, Sr. 2014


George Thompson, Sr.