Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Jin Emerson-Cobb

May 24, 2014

Non-disclosure of political spending by publicly traded corporations is destroying our democratic process and form of government.  The SEC must return the disclosure rule to the unified agenda and complete the rule this year, 2014.  Otherwise, corporations will keep BUYING elections and will do so SECRETLY, so that we citizens have no information for contacting and voicing displeasure to the offenders.

Moreover, these corporations (i.e., the election-buying capitalist human beings who run them) are using PRIVATE CITIZENS' retirement savings and investments to corrupt our political system.  These corporatists throw our good money into the sewer of partisan interests, e.g., the US Chamber of Commerce that even takes money from FOREIGN corporations corrupt our elections.

We normal, living, breathing, non-rich CITIZENS, including corporations' shareholders, must know where our money is going.   Corporations (i.e., the PEOPLE who own and run them) must be required to say HOW they're using or misusing OUR money, HOW MUCH they're donating, and to WHICH candidates or front groups they're donating (i.e., bribing with megabucks),

The SEC should mandate disclosure and POST the disclosures on its web site.  It would also be good to issue PRESS RELEASES about the disclosures, because only citizens who have computers would be able to go to the web site.  This crucial political-spending information MUST become public knowledge.   Americans have had ENOUGH FASCISM (corporate takeover of our government) by corporations like Koch Industries, Monsanto, et al.

Please take action immediately.  Thank you.


Jin Emerson-Cobb