Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Jim Oppedahl

December 4, 2013

Why did SEC dropped from the unified agenda the rule about publicly traded corporations being required to disclose their political spending?.

When I make a decision to invest in some corporations stock I consider their social and environmental impact as imporatant as P/E and other financial rations!

BUT ...

I can not identify from any existing reports how the corporations spends thousands or even multi-millions on politics and lobbying.  Calling the corporation will result in being forward to marketing which walks around the issue with all variety of BS but will not answer the direct question.

I should have clearly, certified, audited information on ALL political and lobbying spending including the destinations, sources and amounts so I can have clear understanding of the 'viewpoints' or a corporation.

Thank you for considering my comment.

Jim Oppedahl

Do NOT Mail, IL