Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Laurie Keisinger

December 3, 2013


Please do your job and protect and uphold investors rights.  The knowledge of donation of big money to political action committees, political campaigns, and political stances/positions I do not agree with are incredibly important to me. 

Anymore, about the only way regular citizens can effect change is to vote with our dollars.  I am careful with whose products I purchase, and which stores I frequent.  It is also essential to know if a corporation I am invested in is actually donating cash and/or goods in kind to groups and individuals with whom I strongly disagree.

As a shareholder, I am an owner of the corporation, and I expect to know if donations are being made in the name of this corporation.  Please uphold and protect my rights.  It is what you were created for.


Laurie Keisinger

Edwards, CO