Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Matthew Tolford

December 3, 2013

Once again, the SEC has failed America.

I am outraged that the Securities and Exchange Commission has dropped the rule requiring publicly traded corporations to disclose their political spending from the unified agenda.

Who owns a Corporation?  Why the stockholders.  Who are the stockholders?  The American people.  How can a Corporation represent the owners without telling the owners how they are representing them?  Where is their voice?  Did they surrender their rights as humans to the companies they own?  Did they do that knowingly and willingly?

Are you insane?  Yes, the SEC is suffering from mental deficiencies that amounts to cultural disease.  Prozac will not help. 

The SEC is part of a government that owes its responsibility to the people which are not Corporations in any sense or any way.

Thank you for considering my comment.

Matthew Tolford

Potomac Falls, VA