Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Daniel Liebeskind

November 26, 2013

I know that Washington runs on bribery but we, as citizens, should be able to know who is bribing whom. Please issue a ruling requiring publicly traded corporations to publicly disclose all of their political spending. After all, they are using their shareholders' dollars to influence what laws our legislators pass and thus, how taxpayer dollars are spent in this country. This affects every single one of us. If corporate lobbying were transparent, we could hold our politicians accountable for voting in the interests of their corporate check-payers instead of in the interests of their constituents. And then this country might see a tiny bit of representative democracy return, like our founding fathers intended. 

Can you imagine an America where elections actually mattered? Can you imagine an America where politicians represented their constituents? Can you imagine an America whose form of government were no longer oligarchic? I can imagine that America. Boy would I love to live in that make believe world. You have the power to turn that America from a myth into a reality. Please do the right thing.

- Daniel Liebeskind.