Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Jonnel Covault

November 9, 2013

Dear SEC people,

Please don't turn a blind eye to the Corporate takeover of our country. It is patently obvious, considering CEO wages, Tax havens and union busting, that the average corporation is NOT thinking of Americans and their quality of life. Face the facts, trickle down has not and never will work! Corporate personhood is negatively altering our democracy! We now have alarming income disparity and stagnant wages. IF they can find a job, real people are working harder than ever and making less money, as disloyal Corporations take their billions and jobs overseas. By allowing Citizen's United to continue we slide down the list of countries in education, technology, poverty, health and quality of life. Soon we will be right down there with banana republics, selling our resources and our labor on the cheap. You have the power to DO SOMETHING, unless of course you are living in a gated community and already have a job lined up with a big fat salary some corporate lobbyist at Morgan Stanley has promised you.They FLEECED me! Retirement savings just about gone...Be a patriot! Instead of rewarding bad, immoral and borderline treasonous behavior,  REGULATE CORPORATIONS!

Thank you for your service to our country,

Jonnel Covault