Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Vicki Huddleston

August 24, 2013

I think the public should know exactly who their money is going to when they buy products and they shouldn't be able to make up fancy names that make it seem like they are FOR Americans when in fact they are hiding behind those fancy names to perpetuate their slimy agenda's! Who would ever think Georgia Pacific is giving all their money to stop the guys who are trying to do right by the middle class? If it weren't for middle class we wouldn't have a good economy it would be the haves vs. the have nots and the rich keep getting richer! They are making it so poor people can't even go to college to make their lives better! Makes me sick that republicans are so greedy they could care less about the constituents that voted them in! Democrats want to make the country better for all people and republicans want to make it better so they can have power and money! Disgustingly rich just do they can buy McMansions go on fancy trips and buy 100,000 cars that suck up all the gas! Put all republicans in Texas and leave the rest of the country alone! Vicki Huddleston