Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

February 4, 2013

Dear Members of the Securities and Exchange Commission:

If you don't represent the wishes of the citizens of the United States.... Then... who do you really represent?

Citizens United Driven by the Koch Brothers and a few Corrupt Corporations truly have hijacked our democracy from the American Citizens… Citizens United is a Corrupt Fraud! Today we all face a Government that continues to lead our country towards the worst possible interests for Majority of Population... A Government where we are lied to and forced into endless war for the profit criminal bankers the chosen corrupt 1% of our country... that isn't Democracy...that is Fascism.

These same corrupt interests control the message the lies all through their Corporate owned Media... TV, Radio, Press & Internet... Continue to deceive and misinform the population. Their paid Media Henchmen label all citizen's that disagree with their self-serving plans as kooks or now even worse "Domestic Terrorists" The same corporate media make examples from these observant American Citizens who speak out and object to the ongoing open fraud.

The is the new normal of Citizens United and other programs the target and mineralize that majority of American Citizens. As thr media continue their Orwellian Lie to keep people stupid and obedient !!!

This isn't a New.... But, just another page stolen out of the history books on the road to a "Fascist Government. History has seen these same act before and has seen police and paramilitary attempts targeting civil populations. It's called Fascism… What we are seeing here is NOT Democracy. "Citizens United" is one giant step closer to a full a Fascist State! Add to that... The Patriot Act and NDAA… These are all Fascist Acts that KILL Freedom & Democracy.


These fascist plans that gather information on all of us... are all part on the Corruption infiltrated into our Government should all realize that a Government built on "a foundation of lies" will not succeed ! History shows us all .. that very clearly....all corrupt lying governments are doomed to collapse... Just like ours is... A Government that is Rotten to it's Core.

The history books have plenty of examples. Some of us have learnt from history... it not too late for the misinformed to take off the red white and blue colored glasses and take a good long look at the big picture and the correct side of history and realize the ship they are manning the oars on is sinking and there aren't enough life boats for the hired help... You too will be thrown under the Bus in the end. That day is coming...

All of us Citizens want to build a Government based on Truth & Transparency ~ That is why we all continue… That is why we won't quit!!! We Can't quit!!!! The key to success is simple… THE WHITEHOUSE IS OUR HOUSE... That IS The "People's Whitehouse" not the corporate headquarters of corrupt bankers and above the law criminal corporations... like it is today.

Yes......It's Time to kick ALL the Corporations out of "Our" Whitehouse!!!!

Clearly with Acts like " Citizens United" without any doubt All of those corporations in favor are the people's enemy. WE Don't believe your PR Spin… With Citizens United the Population are in direct threat... Greed, Power and corruption have intoxicated the the minds of 1% ... As they continue to more and more and now want everything! They want Austerity and cheap slave wages... These people behind "Citizens United" are not the American citizens friends! Their plans and actions are in plain site as brutal paramilitary police Forse Austerity in Spain, Greece and Portugal directed on their populations…. We Understand Clearly that the American People are in their sites next...,And Citizens United is a huge part of their plan…. YES We do have a Choice! It's Time to kick ALL the Corporations and Lobbyists out of "Our Whitehouse!!!!"


The Whitehouse is the Peoples house…

Corporations are NOT People!!!

The Truth shall set us all free!!!!

Thank you for considering my comment.



Gerard Ange'