Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Ronald Buchanan Sr.

January 14, 2013

Securities and Exchange Comm.

Dear Securities and Exchange Comm.,

I’m writing to urge the commission’s prompt approval of rules requiring public disclosure of political spending by publicly-held companies. Disclosure is vital to the SEC’s responsibility to ensure that investors have the information they need to make sound decisions about when and where to put their money. Shareholders also have a right to know how companies in their investment portfolios are investing that money, particularly when the spending falls outside the company’s normal business activity. To me the very fact that the supreme court , the final place to seek justice for whats right , is a terrible dissappointment. provong themselves by a margin of 5 to 1 the same 5 appointed by G Dubya with the hand of Dick Cheney planted firmly in his backside operating his mouth. The amount of corruption has reached the ultimate summit of wrong, an enemy to a free country. from Cheneys stealing of $3.8 trillion from social security for his homeland security or the American gestapo , and paying Halliburton to build the Detention cenetrs or The American Concentration Camps , as well as hundreds of thopusands of press formed caskets with sealing lids that hold up to 6 american patriot . No one has yet brought to light the "Mass Graves" located not far from a Detention center in the mid west. They are not old bodies they are fairly fresh. How many crimes do we allow Cheney to commit without mention or prosecution? when do we Impeach the 5 Ruling members of the supreme court for High Treason and sabotage of democracy all for the rule of the corporate 1% corpses .

Thank you for considering my comment.


Ronald Buchanan Sr.