Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Ron Kaminski

January 13, 2013

Securities and Exchange Comm.

Dear Securities and Exchange Comm.,

The Supreme court has not always made sane and right and judicious decisions--Remeber Roger Tannery and Dred Scott. He was a racist and not a very good person but made a decision as supreme court head judge that resonates to this day with uglyness and a pox on the constitution's, equal rights philosophy and spirit about all men being created equal.

We now have Citizens United by messers Roberts and Scalia and that little guy, Justice Thomas, who reminds me of the mouse in the tea pot in Alice in Wonderland, but I discourse.Companies aren't people and that decision was rendered with obvious politically biased ramifications. It was, by all nobel and right and judicial accounts, WRONG and must be nullified or corrected in any legal means possible.

I’m writing to urge the commission’s prompt approval of rules requiring public disclosure of political spending by publicly-held companies. Disclosure is vital to the SEC’s responsibility to ensure that investors have the information they need to make sound decisions about when and where to put their money. Shareholders also have a right to know how companies in their investment portfolios are investing that money, particularly when the spending falls outside the company’s normal business activity.

Thank you for considering my comment. And please think of the world, and the couontry that was created under Washington and hollowed by Mr. Lincoln and the over 600,000 "Americans" lost in defense of a person's worth.


Ron Kaminski