Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Cynthia Tracy

May 9, 2013

Dear members of the Securities and Exchange Commission:
Please make the visionary decision to not let corporations hide their political spending. People all over the U.S. are aware that the U.S. Supreme Court's disastrous Citizens United v. FEC ruling has allowed corporate CEOs to unleash a torrent of secret corporate spending into our political system.
Indefensibly, CEOs are able to keep both the public and their own shareholders in the dark about the use of company funds for political ends, which gives them free rein to make political expenditures that they would never be able to justify publicly -- including campaigns so toxic they would inevitably tarnish the company's brand were the funding source made public.
And the results have been absolutely corrosive to our democracy...... Please do not let corporations hide their political spending.
Thank you for considering my comment.

Cynthia Tracy
Canton, MA