Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Bradford Flaharty

May 9, 2013

The latest dream to force Campaign Finance reform?
It is also the only way to get a budget when ass-kissing runs out. Obama should kick-ass with executive emergency suit addressing how their support from lobbyists could have been corporate taxes excused for campaign "donations." Examination for regulation of each candidates motivation allows behavior to be their judge. Every elected official is a corporate icon alias so corporate contributions are tax obligation derivatives making them (elected?) virtual property (slaves) separate from patriot representatives.
The outstanding evidential spending can't be disguised as the responsibility of the future, yet that is what the debt allows as an image.
This substitute of responsibility has made it impossible for government work to even exist, thus the "country" became "overtaken." Public is embarrassment!
Each representative has behavioral symptoms that intelligence should define as privateer or public servant, as each agents proves, if they must be removed as parasitic distraction or become a symbiotic participant.
The republic was designed with more graceful compliant efficiency than we now can believe ever existed.
Campaign Finance Reform will get as screwed up as "Health-care Reform" did WITHOUT CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM! This is the ONLY issue that matters, until corruption stops making us all disgusted with leaders always fighting each other.
I have been reading Madison and how he set up the senate for "Wealthy interests," so if we just change to "Healthy interests" we will need Doctors, to represent those who exceed in the educational hierarchy. Redirect respect for the best form of intelligence.
If we want to heal this world, beginning with this country, replace ALL SENATORS with DOCTORS! They would represent a second branch of economy for CARE-GIVING. The money is already owed to the future, because nonexistent entities can't be responsible (as is The Senate) for the debt. Re-derive a value system that supports a republic again.
Basically I envision two branches of economy, the House would delegate the caretakers so they can play their gambling games but if the Senate made allowances for a care-giver economy to credit conceptual values, healthcare would not seem like a "bad entitlement." Pay people to get educated and everyone would have a job! This could reverse the symptoms of student loan poisoning.

Bradford Flaharty
San Rafael, CA