Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Douglas Snyder

May 1, 2013

Please require publicly traded corporation to publicly disclose their political expenditures.  Here is what major newspapers and magazines are writing, including conservative ones:

USA Today May 1, 2013
Editorial Staff
If the Supreme Court is intent on allowing corporations to spend unlimited amounts of shareholders' money on political causes, the least shareholders can expect is the information they need to raise a stink.

Barron’s April 27 Editorial
No matter the source, secret political speech disrupts the polity and defrauds the citizens. Republicans who really believe in republicanism should unite with Democrats who really believe in democracy to enlighten the American political forum.

US News Rick Newman April 29
The burden of proof is backward on this issue. Since many political donations are now allowed to be secret, it's up to the SEC, if it chooses, to make the case for why they shouldn't be. But in a healthy democracy, everything about politics should be disclosed unless there's an extremely convincing reason not to. The more secrets there are, the more opaque and suspect democracy becomes.

Please act immediately.

Douglas Snyder

Douglas Snyder

Los Angeles, CA