Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Bob Crifasi

April 24, 2013

Dear Sir/MS:

I am writing in reference to File No. 4-637 Aug. 3, 2011, a "Petition to require public companies to disclose to shareholders the use of corporate resources for political activities".
I support this petition and believe the SEC should move forward with a adopting a rule along the lines proposed in the petition.  As a public investor, I wish to see what political activities corporations I may want to invest in are supporting and funding.  This will help investors such as myself decide if these companies are appropriate for my investments.  I believe that it is very important that the SEC establish policies requiring disclosure of the company’s spending on politics. Also, disclosure of information on corporate political spending is important for the operation of corporate accountability mechanisms, particularly so investors such as myself can analyze corporate political speech. 
Thanks for considering these comments.
Best Regards

Bob Crifasi