Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Kathy Clark

April 18, 2013

Ms. White,

I am writing to request that you lead an activist Securities and Exchange Commission. One of the first things I would like the SEC to do is to correct the mistake made my the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling which makes it easy for corporations to hide their political activities and contributions. I followed this closely on The Colbert Report and could not believe how non-transparent political corporate contributions have become. It is ridiculous! Hiding political contributions is not good corporate policy because there is no accountability and it not healthy for our democracy because there also isn't political accountability. That both houses of Congress, by unamimous vote, repealed the recently passed Stock Act is proof of that. I feel strongly both as an investor and a voter that the SEC should develop rules requiring public companies to disclose the use of corporate resources for political activities to their shareholders. We need the SEC's help in holding both corporations and politicians accountable.


Kathy Clark

Manhattan Beach, CA