Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Jason Kamalie

April 10, 2013

I sign this petition to signify my intention and belief that no money in the form of campaign or office contributions, PAC donations, or any other form of bribery should be allowed in elections and government processes related to securing/retaining/or using office. Nor should those who attain office be allowed to use their office for personal gains, mutually beneficial arrangements with private individuals, othe government actors, corporations, localities, etc.

The Citizen's United ruling by the Supreme Court was wrong. And it has caused even more harm to the political processes than already existed. Was it the case, for example, that the two presidential candidates spent more combined (which meant more campaign money donated) than ever before in history? And yet, especially given this, and the system by which these were elected, can either of these candidates truly represent intelligent, issue-specific, multifaceted constituents? Neither of these represented me well -- and that has been the case across all elections during my lifetime because of a largely controlled, behind-the-scenes, two-party system that suppresses other creative ideas and candidates for government.

As in the case with anything, two overbroad, poorly-fitting selections cannot squarely and truthfully offer any meaningful, creative choice for anybody. Whether we are speaking of elections, or whole realities.

Bribery, in any form, should have no place in world politics -- especially a democratic system whereby the people are supposed to be served by their representatives, not the other way around. THE CESSATION OF MONEY IN POLITICS AND POLITICAL FAVOR EXCHANCE AND SIMILAR, RELATED PRACTICES IS LONG OVERDUE.

Jason Kamalie

Akron, OH