Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

April 2, 2013

As a citizen and stockholder, I am concerned with the quanity and character of "dark money" within our political system. The specter of corporations investing in both Presidential and Congressional races while keeping those expenditures unreported or misrepresented to the stock-holders who own the company raises the grim possibility that legislative outcomes could only be in the interest of top executives and the board of directors, leaving smaller investors defrauded and misled.
The Securities and EXchange Commission has the power to remedy the damage done to our democracy by the Citizens United attack on justice and common sense. You failed to harness the open skullduggery which resulted in the 2008 mini-depression. Now can be the time to begin doing your job. The SEC needs to require complete disclosure of all election related expenditures by companies listed on this nation's stock exchanges.
Thank you for considering my comment.

John McCarter

Charlotte, NC