Subject: Require disclosure of corporate spending in politics.

January 31, 2012

Securities and Exchange Commission

Dear Commission,

According to the Supreme Court Citizen's United, Corportations are People.
Therefore, Corporations are subject to the same rules and regulations that people are limited to.
Individual citizens are limited to contributing no more than $1,000 per candidate.
So, they must disclose if they have already hit the limit.

If Corporations are indeed people, then all corporations must obey the law and disclose what their political Ad contributions are. And, being people, they should also be limited to spending no more than $1,000 per candidate.

In addition, for protection of Democracy, the people have the right to know what corporations are contributing to what Ads. That is the "Freedom of Information Act", so the people can know what the "rulers" are doing.

When Corporate Lobyists control political actions, those corporations are controllers of the government and thus a part of the government.

That's why I'm joining with the 14 United States senators who formally asked you to use your regulatory authority to require that corporations disclose their spending in elections.

SEC: Exercise your regulatory authority to require public disclosure of corporate political contributions.


Dale Harris