Subject: Require disclosure of corporate spending in politics.

January 31, 2012

Securities and Exchange Commission

Dear Commission,

Right now, Super PACs don't have to disclose their unlimited corporate donations. That means they can keep the public in the dark about who's funding the attack ads that bombard their TV screens daily.

That's why I'm joining with the 14 United States senators who formally asked you to use your regulatory authority to require that corporations disclose their spending in elections.

SEC: Exercise your regulatory authority to require public disclosure of corporate political contributions.

The idea that any entity having a history of abuse and desire to control without regard to individual safety and fairness dealing with workers and the public should be allowed to grease the palms of lawmakers is nothing more is an overall sign of wide-spread corruption in our legal system and quid pro quo in my opinion. The need for labor unions arose because of corruption and abuse by corporations which have been unbridled in recent years in their ability to become monopolies in our media, chemical, drug, and many other major industries. Any citizen with a history of abuse of power or criminal activity is usually incarcerated and after kept away from a position in society where they would repeat the same offenses. How can one trust large corporations after knowing their history? Please do something to curb their power and influence over The United States of America and it's citizens. Thank you.


Orville Weale Jr.