Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

January 13, 2013

Securities and Exchange Comm.

Dear Securities and Exchange Comm.,

I understand that the rules requiring public disclosure of political spending by publicly-held companies is under your consideration by the Commission. I would appreciate it if my comments could be considered as you engage in these deliberations. It seems to me that the only way this country can survive as a robust and successful democracy is for there to be transparency in the DISCLOSURE of who is contributing what in our democratic processes. The SEC has the authority to make the rules that ensure appropriate behavior of company officials in relation to shareholders' investments in the company. A "company" does not become an entity that can act independently of its governance or its shareholders! Investors have the right to know how and where their money is being used, what policies or what candidates are supported by their funds. Please ensure that you work toward full disclosure as the most responsible and honorable course of action.

Respectfully yours,

Jean MacCormack