Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

January 12, 2013

I am one of the 99% who is tired of corporate money controling US politics. The Occupy movement has given me hope for change.

My main concern is environmental. I believe the fossil fuel industry and corporate political power are behind the lack of support for RD&D of clean renewable sustainable energy.

Burning fossil fuels is cause of global warming, climate change and ocean accidification and yet we continue with offshore oil drilling and getting oil out of shale, coal mining, pushing into the artic for oil and going to war over oil. We haven't even signed the International agreements for reducing carbon emmissions. Cities have gone ahead with this before our National government will commit. I'm ashamed of my country for this.

I'd like to add I'm serving my country I love. I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer working in the Philippines as a Coastal Resource Management extension worker through September 2014.

I want my granchildren to have the opportunities I've had to explore and love the natural world. I want corporate money out of controlling the politics of my country.

Valli Sanstrom
Kirkland, WA