Subject: File No. 4-637
From: Jon L. Anderson

September 8, 2012

Freedom of speech is anything but free. When it ruled in the "Citizens United" case, the Supreme Court effectively silenced the voice of the 99%. Now, our politics are dominated by those with a power or profit motive, and our government is beholden to the wealthy few who have the resources to command the fealty of those seeking election. If the term "fealty" sounds Medieval, it merely represents the direction in which a court run by ideologues is taking our country. 'Citizens" is the end of the American dream, the end of a society where ordinary people can live in security and comfort without any more power than the right to vote. Let us hope that, someday when/if this nation returns to it senses, we can look back on this decision and wonder why we ever rejected the very things that made our nation exceptional. In time, this ruling, and the court that rendered it, should become as reviled as the Dred Scott decision.

Thank you for considering my comment.


Jon L. Anderson