From: Leahy for Senate on behalf of Jay Hawkins Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2012 11:09 AM

Subject: Require disclosure of corporate spending in politics. 4-637

February 1, 2012

Securities and Exchange Commission

Dear Commission,

Right now, Super PACs don't have to disclose their unlimited corporate donations. That means they can keep the public in the dark about who's funding the attack ads that bombard their TV screens daily.

That's why I'm joining with the 14 United States senators who formally asked you to use your regulatory authority to require that corporations disclose their spending in elections.

SEC: Exercise your regulatory authority to require public disclosure of corporate political contributions.

Unless I'm missing my mark, this is buying and selling of the public vote to the highest bidder. Although big money interest and special interest funding has always been present, this is and has been corruption from the beginning. This is and has been the buying and selling of our future for years, and it's not new. My wife and I are the children who's parents fought in WW II with grandparents from the Great Depression. My wife and I have higher education's and were better educated than our parents, and we are both unemployed and have been underemployed with the years no longer on our side. My children that are 17 & 19 years old have a limited chance if at all of bettering themselves with any higher education.
Super Pack Funding and lobbying is selling our future out. I'm 57 years old and have seen this my entire adult life, lets get a clue !!!!!


Jay Hawkins