April 30, 2012

Subject: Comment on File Number 4-637

Dear members of the Securities and Exchange Commission:
As you surely are aware, this country was founded on the principle that we do not grant rights based on wealth or lineage, but on citizenship. Voting rights comes with that proviso, too. Corporations don't have voting rights and cannot be allowed to influencing the political process by using their economic resources without completely and openly inform the public. Ideally, it would only be the individuals of these corporations who could, from their own personal resources and at personal risk, support one cause or another.
Surely you are also aware of this anomaly in the US, that corporations have so much power politically. It, too, must end. So I am writing to urge the SEC to issue a rule requiring publicly traded corporations to publicly disclose all their political spending. That is the least that needs to happen.

Both shareholders and the public must be fully informed as to how much the corporation spends on politics and which candidates are being promoted or attacked. Disclosures should be posted promptly on the SEC's web site.

Thank you for considering my comment.


Tove A. Elfstrom