Subject: File No. 4-627

May 28, 2011

Dear constituents, I personally feel this study on short selling is nothing more than a ruse. Regardless if they report to the public or don't, will not change the thievery being orchestrated in our financial market today. Until the SEC (who is supposed to protect the shareholder)starts cracking down own abusive short selling and naked short selling, this recession will continue indefinitly. The amount of FAILURE TO DELIVER'S are growing like a malignment tumor, with no near time medication in sight. With thousands of letter's, emails, phone calls and manuscripts all falling on deaf ears, but into big pockets, the once formidable MIDDLE CLASS CITIZEN WILL FALL TO THE WAYSIDE. We are in a time of purre greed and corruption, with the LET THEM EAT CAKE mentality. As I have been invested for the last 5 years and seen what has been going on, with not one corperate executive charged with the meltdown of 2008, makes me sick as an AMERICAN. I know this will go straight to the file room (recycle pail), but at least I have the satisfaction of getting it off my chest. After all, why should this be the only politacle complaint to eever be reported or acted on, Your's Truly G. M. Jacob