Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Lynn C Jasper

May 27, 2011

I am a new comer to the stock market, and even being as inexperenced as I am I can see that short selling is just another name for theft. When you have 50 % of the trades short, common sense would tellyou 45% is bear raiding.

It is all a numbers game. Borrow 30,000 stock at $15.00 sell 20,000. at $15.00 or $14.00. Then get on the board with your buddies and offer 2000 for $10.00 a share. Then you buddies back that up with small offers of 200. for $10.00. Then your buddies buy some of you stocks for $10.00, back and forth until the lower price sticks. Go on the blog and say anything you want with no regard to the truth to get lons to sell. Speak the board language of the shorts and soon you will drive the price down and down. So low that you can now buy in your replacement stocks for $1.00 or less, so then you buy 30,000 at a $1.00 you sold 20,000 at $15. a share=$300,000.00. You spend $30,000. to replace them and that is a tidy profit of $270,000.00.
Now if you had to buy in within 3 days that couldn't happen because it does take time to bring the stock down to $1.00 but the brokers don't make them do that. The lend them more to cover that debt at the new price of $1.00 a share. Heck they just let them make up shares. Check the trades against what is reported. This is theft of the real investors, the longs. This numbers game has nothing to do with the company, the economy or anything. YOu don't need anything real to cause this. You bring the price down by offering stocks you have not paid for at lower and lower prices. That is all there is to it.

The likelyhood that enough stocks are at their peek or that many companies are in such bad shape to warrent 50% of the trades as short selling is obsurd.

You can watch them allyou want, that will not bother these people. They get on the blogs and brag about what they are doing. I might add the have little regard for SEC. They donot believe anyone can stop them.

There may have been a time when short selling added liquidity to the market. But today in our technilogical world a stock can be brought down from any internet cafe in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yeman, Germany quickly and allthat money leaves the country, most likely tax free. In this day and age, short selling needs to be curtailed. Because they are not made to buy in and there are astronomically high numbers of debt swaps, they have no risk. If they really had to buy in within 3 days, they would have a major risk. The way it is then have no risk what so ever, because even if it takes a year to bring the stock done, the can and do.
I donot believe short selling was ever meant to be risk ree, but it is.
The stock market is meant to be a place to invest your money in a company you believe will succeed. It is a casino where the short sellers not only hold the house, they own it.

You must take this seriously, most likely billions of dollars are leaving the country. The shorts are stealing the investments that have been made in good faith and with real money.
No one should be allowed to borrow stocks. They should have to go to the bank, Take out a loan, then they would have risk.The would have to account to someone, cause the bank will get it's money.
The world can no longer tolerate this game.They are stealing the retirement funds from Americans.
We cannot recover the ecomony if this continues. These are not traders who have studied a company, the economy or analysing the effect of new technology on the market. They are just playing a numbers game. With this method there is not a stock out there that cannot be brought down. It is purely a numbers game.

That is all I have to say, Read the Short Seller's Handbook and see what they do.