Subject: File No. 4-627
From: jane M Reichhold

May 17, 2011

Disclosure needs to be made to both the public and regulators in real time.

Reason being the utter corruption that is taking place by the high frequency traders and quite possibly analyst and the media. HFT's can short at will and
never are reported on the FTD report since they seem to be working in groups
to drop stock prices. My guess is that most shorts are covered by the end of a
trading day since I have seen where 20% of the daily volume take place in the in
the last 15 minutes of trading and prices range within pennies. Just the computers settling with each other. In some sectors this practice can go on for
weeks. That is the case many of the solar companies. In other sectors, just seems to happen for a day or two.

I say the media is also playing to the shorts or why would CNBC have Chanos on
multiple times to say he was shorting FSLR. This is after months of the bad mouthing SOLAR stocks but JAPAN happened and FSLR went up in value.

The Analyst are working with the shorts to drive down stocks prices for no real good reason and here is a classic example.

Soleil Securities Cuts Price Target on LDK Solar (LDK) Follow 25% Decline in Solar Wafer Pricing
Soleil Securities is reiterating its Sell rating on shares of LDK Solar (NYSE: LDK) as it lowers its price target from $8 to $6 on weaker pricing.

HFT's have no regulations, along with the media and analyst can destroy the value of companies at will. The US market corrupt and getting worse. Hell I own stocks that have a forword PE of 2. Should be closer to 20.

Until some regulations are put on the HFT's all shorting should be banned.