Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Sally P. Edwards

May 10, 2011

Absolutely The shorts sellers bottow our stock to short against our best interest, and they have been ussing this tool in very adverse ways, not as it was originally intended.
They have naked shorted for years now, unabaedly and have helped destroy many starup techs and biotechs, along with the market makers who have abused this system as well. And now, we have the nano computers where they can really pile on and control the markets.

It's not the retail investors that usually short stocks..and you know that. It's the hedge funds and day traders and market makers who sell against retail investors as they buy, taking the stocks right back down where they seem to want them.

Shorting has become very toxic to this market...and those who control the markets now can take it down in seconds
and whip it right back up..unnerving any investors watching this mischief.

Investors, as you know, are leaving these markets in droves now. They no longer trust the trading going on, and are sick and tired of buying potentially successful companies with excelent and needed tech and biotech products, only to see the vicious shorts come in and kill any advance in just a very short period of time.

Yes, we have the right to know WHO is shorting our stocks...and I hope it doesn't take 12 years to correct this corrupt it did to stop naked shorting...a practice that some at sec claimed back then did not exist, until hearings were held and finally, it was addressed.

This nation cannot afford to have it's new and innovative companies who dare to go public in this horrific arena,
decimated by a ring of vicious shorts, who brag on the stock boards about their destruction of these companies..
We need new medicines, new technologies, and no nation on earth except the USA allows a gang of shorts to control their markets...they help their startups with financial backing, and you don't see this kind of vicious
attack on their new companies.

If this Congress doesn't clean up this
atrocious trading going day, we will all walk away in disgust.
You know who is doing this and why...and it's time for some sunshine
here on this process.
Why are they afraid for us to know who they are? They are doing great harm to our investments...taking stocks down after good news to make the buyers feel they judged it wrongfully and to get out..and all the games they play..
Ask Madoff...he knew all about this
scam trading.

If the real investors in new techs and biotechs are not protected from these
leaches, who abuse this questionable practice...they will simply stop investing.
The SEC has allowed them for years to get by with breaking their rules. it's time for the investing public to
have the rules on their side...not the
ones who brought downh our financial system with their tricky trading.

If The Senate and Congress of both parties don't come down hard against this form of theft...I really believe, from all I've read these past years, that they will not only leave this market all together, but stop voting as well.

We are not a free country, when a small business cannot go public without being attacked by shorts and
others who do not want competition..or writers, who short before they print half truths about them...Tthe banks won't lend to them..the gov. has very few grants they go to toxic lenders and then get shorted into oblivion. I could cite you many cases of companies destroyed by this terrible tool...
Had it been used as the SEC once stated ...that might be different, but no, there are even dark pools of stocks that the sec can't touch, where some of tnese gangs of shorts operate.
Read the message boards...they brag about killing off various stocks...
Tthese small startups don't have money to donate to compaigns to get the attention of Congress...they can barely keep their doors open..They begged banks for loans, but the banks and brokerage firms were too busy doing mortgage back securitiy trading with our deposits...not interested in helping grow the economy by lending to new one said..'we only lend to those who don't need it'...

So, either the SEC and the Congress
change this corrupt trading situation, or one day, wall st. will be nothing more than a ,memory and a bad one at that. Any political party that underestimates the anger of individual investors about the abuse they have suffered at the hands of a few, will not get their vote in 012
This nation is in a financial bind as we all know...and we need buyers of good companies' stock...not manipulators who make up lies about them on message boards and try to scare investors away..because they are short and do not want to ever have to cover.

If this drags on like the naked shorting rule you asked us to comment on in 2000 and just now are getting it
into effect...then why bother?
If this is to waste our time and not a serious effort, then shame on everyone involved.

Our President wants new techs and biotechs..and little does he know..
others don't and have the tools to see that they go under financially...

There are horror stories about this
abuse..and I don't want to take up all the space here, but it's time to end
this secrect shorting NOW Frankly, it should never have been invented. If
investors don't like a given stock...don't buy it...but stop trying to destroy our investment, because either you are too lazy to do your homework and find stocks with good potential, or you are just a game player, not an play the indexes up and down and you don't invest anymore. Tthis has become a casino, not a stock market anymore.

Get this mess cleaned up and tell us exactly what you intend to do and DO IT..this time. We are fed up with
being fodder for traders.