Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Arnold M Mass
Affiliation: Retired Stock broker and Seat owner at CSE and CBOE 1959-2000

May 9, 2011

The Stock Brokerage Industry and Investment Banking is going to die as a result of lack of enforcement of illegal Short Selling,fail to deliver and the many loop holes in the SEC regs.
Capital will be hard to raise as the Shorts sell down the offerings and defraud the small investor. Bring back enforcement,put the heads of Brokerage firms who disclose insider information in jail. Not unlike Joe Kennedy ,make the biggest crooks the head of the SEC . That person knows all the loop holes. Gary Aquire would be another type who should be at the SEC ,not fired from it for blowing the whistle and trying to put crooks in jail. The Revolving door from SEC to Law Firms representing the crooks has to be put to a stop.It is with the help of these people who make up the Rules and Regulation as it concerns Trading that causes the huge problems we have had in Trading over the past 25 years. It is a shame what deregulation has wrought on the Public.
Arnie Mass