Subject: File No. 4-627
From: philip s swallow

May 9, 2011

1) Reinstate the uptick rule

2) Invest a hour and go to and, respectfully , educate yourself on what is going on with stock manipulation. Everyone else has 3 days to settle their trades, these guys rig the system for as much time as they want before covering their shorts and going long. Everyone vilifies Goldman Sacks, yet they do the same.

3) These are preventative measures that will cut down on costs for the need to go to court and prosecute individuals that do the crime.

4) Make the penalties cost in dollars to individuals rather than just 3-5 year stays in minimum security cells which are far less than equal to the results of the crimes and consequences on individual lives financially maimed and ruined.

5) If these persons worship money and the life styles it affords, take it away from them, including their personal properties, which they aquirred with ill gotten gains ( see deep capture) and they should loose it just as drug dealers loose it all. If the cost is that deep, they may consider treading water lightly and the cost of financially drowning their families future when caught.