Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Kelly D. Wilson

May 9, 2011

I am entirely in favor of reporting all short positions to the investing public in real time.

Additionally, the SEC should take a stronger, more stringent postion on NAKED SHORT SELLING. I do not understand why the SEC allows investors to sell stock they do not have. It essentially increases the number of shares on the market without an offering and that is not right.

I don't believe there is anything wrong with betting against a stock but these investors ought to have the same requirements as the person betting FOR the company. We HAVE to pay for it and have it in our account...why should a short be allowed to create phantom shares? The playing field is not fair in that regard and the SEC has remained behind the curve in correcting this kind of abuse.

My next strategy is going to be to demand that congress defund the SEC unles they can prove they actually do anything. To this point it is apparent the SEC is incompetent to stop the abuses going on daily in the marketplace.

Take a look at the trading in AVNR and you'll get a great example of game playing.